Saturday, January 22, 2011

I dreamt I was an inventor... Fur-Eez

I dreamt I invented a wax strip hair remover for pets. They were called Fur-Eez. I don't know what part of the pet I meant to be waxed, but I hope it wasnt the general coat and I hope it wasn't around facial or *aherm* personal areas.

I wonder why I invented that?

What's odd about that is I don't like overly-preened dogs, like the pom-poms on Standard Poodles, and I think it's terrible that people trim a dog's whiskers. I think one of the most adorable things about Praline is that she looks so prim and pretty yet has a big, honkin' complement of whiskers, including a pair of stray black ones that make me giggle. I clearly have a preference for dogs being the fur-bearing fuzzballs they are naturally, so I can't imagine why, in my sleep, I'd invent a hair-removal product for dogs.

I was dreaming. I'm not responsible.

1 comment:

BGMiller said...

Are you sure you were dreaming?
Check the pups for errant strips of duct tape.