Sunday, January 16, 2011

Man-pleasin' venison

And woman-pleasin', for all that. I thought this was a pack of backstrap and I was so excited. I caramelized a couple yellow onions and baked some carrots. I opened the pack and found not backstrap but two generous venison steaks, me having grabbed the wrong package from the freezer Saturday night, apparently. I put sea salt and freshly cracked pepper on the venison steaks and then put on rubber gloves and slathered the steaks all over with a bit of bacon fat. Then I heated a skillet with sweet butter and some roughly chopped garlic, and when it was hot enough, in went the steaks. Himself took a bite before I did, and he leaned back, closed his eyes and uttered something conveying ecstasy, and I followed suit. Bambi should be proud of so auspicious a finish, and that accompanied by a lovely offering from California's Russian River Valley.

Om nom nom.

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Farmmom said...

I'm jealous!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Is it wrong to want this for breakfast?

Old NFO said...

Oh that looks GOOD :-)