Monday, January 10, 2011

Good doggies get treats.

Jack Russell Terriers have a well-earned reputation for being a trifle spastic. Miss Praline has her moments, but in the main, she's a calm and very focused little dog. Especially when there's little scraps of venison being sawed off and parceled out to puppies. She and Chuy both wait their turns patiently. Good doggies!


Old NFO said...

You did good with Praline, that is about the calmest I've seen one of them!

Anonymous said...

Wow, very nice! :) We trained our Mitzi to go "spastic" on command before she gets food: we always make her spin around and then roll over for her treat. Which resulted in her now often spinning and then rolling in anticipation before we even ask her, like she's trying to persuade us to give her something because "Look!! I can spin around!! I can roll over!! Now can I get *something*?!?!?" Doesn't matter whether it's food or a new toy, she'll turn & spin like a crazy wind-up animal. :D

The Purple Magpie
(formerly Miz Minka)

Mrs. Widget said...

I love how she sits up a little taller in hope.

Zdogk9 said...

20 seconds of calmness, might be a record for the breed.

Joseph said...

I have a chihuahua-yorky mix that seems to have spring loaded legs. She will just stand there, and suddenly start bouncing into the air.

Thank God I am getting a house with a yard this year.