Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Italian man sneezes out bullet, lives.

During New Year's hijinks, an Italian man caught a .22 round just behind the eye and sneezed it out in the emergency room. Kerchief managed. The fellow sustained damage to his retina, but is expected to fully recover.

*******speaking of the retina... I'm given to understand that Jack Russell Terriers (or so a vet told me once) are the dog most likely to suffer from detached retina, because of all the bounding around they do. Not surprising...
Former Timelord Tom Baker goes there and talk trash about his Dr Who predecessor Jon Pertwee. Tacky, tacky, even if true.
...just because it's Wednesday, let's hope the Milkman of Human Kindness leaves us all an extra pint.


Roscoe said...

I don't know the man personally, but about thirty ... okay, lets say a long time ago, I watched Jon Pertwee work a second-rate convention in Florida in 90 degree heat in a venue with very poor AC. The man never stopped smiling, at least not in public, and the last fan to get an autograph was treated as graciously as the first in line.

Was he well-paid for the appearance? Dunno, but whatever the dollar amount, he earned every penny.

John B said...

The Tom Baker comments were quoted way out of context. What do you expect from the Mirror? They are the New York Times of the UK...

I meant that in the unkindest way possible.