Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dear Dad: kill more deer!

I just popped this venison into the oven for a Sunday dinner roast. Yes, that's a huge wodge of butter on top. Plus the beast has been given a grand send-off with a generous smearing of bacon fat. Mmmmmm.

Wow. I just realized I had venison from this lovely little beast last week when Himself whipped up some venison chili for me. I may have to start a sunday, Bambi Sunday series.

Full report to come.

p.s. I LURVESES my Dutch Oven. In fact, before I ever had the inkling that I would ADORE cooking, girlhood version 1.0 of me began having cooking vessel lust. That Dutch Oven in Bugs' "bring me my HOSENFEFFER" episode made me long ever-so-daisperately(that was a Scots accent on that last word, btw) for a Dutch Oven of precisely that design. And one day, I'm going to have one. Oh yes, I will.

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Jon said...

Years ago, I gave a coworker a ride home from work. His wife,who was raised in the deep East Texas woods, invited me for supper. Not one to run from such a gracious offer, or wonderful aroma, I accepted.

The meal was chicken fried steak with cream gravy. From my experiences, the meal can be a lesson in humility and tough meat, which gave me a moment's pause to wonder what I'd gotten into this time.

The steak was perfectly fried and fork tender. The gravy was something to brag about, but the taste was a little different; I couldn't quite place the cut of meat.

When I asked, I was told it was venison. Surprised, I could only comment on how well it was prepared and compliment the cook.

Long story short: his wife was the daughter of an outlaw logger and hunter. They survived on what lumber he could cut/steal from lumber company land and what he hunted. Deer season wasn't considered and there were plenty of deer year round. Her mother, mostly out of self defense, learned to cook deer to perfection and passed on her talents to the passel of daughters she raised.

Borepatch said...

Wow that looks good. Can your Dad please send some to me, too? ;-)

Kimberly said...

Need to share recipes. We've got a bambi overpopulation to deal with here in Maryland