Monday, August 02, 2010

Om nom nom nom

On the road with Himself this weekend, we passed through a city that has a Jalapeno Tree restaurant. We've gone there before and their Carne Asada is amazing, served with a spicy garlic butter that is toe-curling. Sunday we had the most incredible roasted quail kebabs there-- the best quail ev-AR, and also served with that glorious garlic butter.

For what it's worth, a good friend of mine doesn't like their food, but I've only had those two dishes from the menu, and I suspect that from here on out, I'll only have the quail.

By the way, I noticed I can buy a frozen four pack of quail at the local market for about $18. I'm thinking that just being glorified pigeons anyhoo, I could sit under a bridge and nab four of the little devils for less than a buck in ammo. I figure a bunch of folk talk about pigeon pie for a reason, right? On the other hand, I'd probably be happy to pay someone else 17.50 to dress the dad-burned things. *sigh*

Oh well. To the freezer aisle it is, I suppose. Better still, I'll come up new reasons to travel to or through one of these Texas cities. :)

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