Wednesday, August 04, 2010

mental deflectives

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of the hair-trigger on the "I'm offended" button.

Anyone ever see Top Gear? This British television show features three car enthusiasts with very different tastes who put various road cars through their paces and wax euphoric or otherwise about same. They are quite entertaining and as purely amusing television goes, it's more clever than most.

I was shocked to learn that one of the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson has been widely decried by disability charities and the people who love them for cracking wise about the faculties of a vehicle:

Jeremy Clarkson's has angered disability charities and carers by describing a car as "special needs" on BBC2's Top Gear show.
The TV presenter was comparing two Ferrari cars when he said the older one looked like a "simpleton".

He then added the car, called 430 Speciale, should be the "430 Speciale... needs" in Sunday's show.

Was that on the tacky side? Unquestionably. Should he have refrained from saying what he said? Probably. Is this enough of a big deal to warrant such a flap that people decry him as insensitive? Uh, I don't think so.

I'll bet that pretty much everyone you meet has some special situation in their life that gives them hardship and grief. Many grapple with an illness on a daily basis. Some are malformed. Some people go through life with ghastly, debilitating cases of assholitis, and do they get a little ribbon on tuxedo lapels at Tinseltown award ceremonies? No! Do women sit around on The View talking about how hard it is for these folks, glycerine tears threatening to crest the banks of their perfectly made-up eyes? Nope. Let's face it- there're enough hard knocks to go around. I'm sorry you're dealing with whatever grievously crappy hand life has dealt you, but we all get our serving of sucky pie, so tuck in and quit whining already.

In fact, in the English language there are so many privileged, protected classes of phraseology these days that I'm amazed we can still communicate at all without stepping on toesies and becoming defendants in various lawsuits. Surely the very plinth of our civilization will buckle under the o'er-weening melodrama of feigned wounded classes.


Shannon said...

Oh so very true. Assholitis...a Global Epidemic!!

Daddy Hawk said...

When did we lose the ability to discern comedy from serious commentary? I watch Top Gear when I can which, thanks to Netflix, is more often now. It's not intended to be taken seriously. It's the Monty Python of car shows. Where was the uproar over "Something About Mary"?

Anonymous said...

One of your better post. There was meat here- unlike the golf ball butt video or the odd band or ?? strange what-have-you, that I wasted my time watching/reading (am I being insensitive -so call it whining) ...but, I almost wrote you off. Is refreshing to eat meat. Hope you're not Ohffended, but hey you have thick skin ...I mean, if you wear those funky shoes you show, you've got to.
Quite a skilled writer, you are.

Old NFO said...

PCism IS going to be the death of us...

Sarah said...

"...debilitating cases of assholitis."

I'm offended on behalf of my disease! :)

Really, though, it's entirely too easy to offend some people in my opinion.

Jon said...

I can't think of a better time to use the phrase: "It's better to get pissed off than pissed on."

Anonymous said...

we all get our serving of sucky pie, so tuck in and quit whining already.
Love it!
There's just too much whining wherever you have to be anymore

Kris, in New England said...

Too right on all counts. Bravo!