Thursday, August 05, 2010

Never mind infection-nomming maggots, Jack Russells get rid of diseased flesh.

A Florida man's life may have been saved when he passed out and his Jack Russell Terrier set to ridding his big toe of a raging infection that had apparently been raging for months by nomming the toe right down to the bone.

I think if I drank to the degree that I'd snooze through having a digit gnawed off by one of my little darlings, then A) I would be too embarrassed to tell people about my alcohol poisoning and B) I'd never feel comfy sleeping any place my var-meent could get at me.

My goal is that my beloved houndies will restrict their nomming to stuff that simply smells like mommy. Stuff like socks. And other unmentionables. Not that my dogs would ever eat underwear, given the opportunity.

Oh, and I also have a goal of not letting a nasty toe infection go unchecked. Come to that, I have a goal of not having nasty toe infections, full stop. :P


Jon said...

After reading the article, I realized there was a lot more going on, especially the part about waiting to see a doctor about what was obviously a very numb and diseased toe.

The pup IS the hero. Not for gnawing off the toe, but for caring so much for his master. Dogs are like that: Selfless and loving....until they find you left a ham sandwich within reach.

Farmmom said...

Goodness. I'm speechless.

BobG said...

Good thing the guy didn't have a case of blueballs...

Jennifer said...

Yikes! Good dog, but Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Just remember this the next time a doggy tries to French kiss you!


Joseph said...

Or cheese enchiladas. My chihuahuas have been know to steal: Tater tots, tacos, chili dogs and vanilla cookies. They're motto is "Any food you leave out is ours, and if we can steal it when your back is turned, you left it.".

They aren't really that bad. We just don't leave food where they can get at it anymore.

markm said...

Where did you get, "A Florida man"? The article clearly says he's from Rockford, Michigan. That's a suburb of Grand Rapids, and only 10 miles north of where I hang my hat. I would much prefer that the guy whose picture is going to appear in next year's dictionaries next to "poor white trash" did come from Florida, but facts is facts.

I wouldn't worry about that dog developing a taste for human flesh. I'm pretty sure that by the time the dog decided that anything that smelled like that toe had to come off, it no longer smelled like Daddy, unless Daddy normally smells like incipient gangrene. Dogs aren't great doctors, but they do have some instincts for rough first aid.

Even more important than the out of control infection, the guy had a serious case of diabetes, which would have killed him pretty soon if this incident hadn't gotten him to the hospital. Diabetes can kill the peripheral nerves, and it must have - otherwise even the most doctor-phobic individual would have been driven to seek treatment by the raging pain. So it's not too surprising that having passed out from self-administered ethanol, he didn't feel the dog performing an amputation with relatively blunt instruments.

I myself seem to stay healthier when I give the MD's little chance to mess with my physiology, but damn. He'd lost most of his sensation in his toes. He had a raging infection in one of them, and self-treatment wasn't helping. He could smell the infection and his dog was getting very interested in that foot. What was he waiting for?