Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Geoffrey Hughes

One of my all-time favorite tv/film characters is Onslow from Keeping up Appearances. I think one of the reasons I like him so much is that the actor who played him, Geoffrey Hughes, is an absolutely adorable soul.

Here's Geoffrey's being interviewed about a year and a half ago, and I think a lot of what I admire about him really shines through here. he is good-natured, empathetic and predisposed to look kindly upon those around him.

Geoffrey's is in hospital and my heart goes out to him and all his dear ones. I think he's a rarity in that he's one of those people who can't hide what a big-hearted person they are. It's one thing to pretend to be grumpy, persnickety characters, but in the end, you can't hide when you're a loveable old softie. :)

Bless him.


Miz Minka said...

Oh, what a shame. I hope he makes it, I'd love to see him work many more years!!! I agree with you, he's such a sweetheart. And 66 is just too young! We recently lost a friend to prostate cancer -- but at least he was 97 years old. (The docs refused to operate because of his age when the cancer was diagnosed a few years earlier, so eventually it metastasized and did him in.) :(

Kris, in New England said...

Oh man I love Keeping Up Appearances and it's most definitely Daisy and Onslow that make it for me. I read about Mr. Hughes yesterday; hoping he beats the cancer again.

Vinogirl said...

I do hope he is OK, he comes from (almost) my neck of the woods.

Lawyer said...

My wife and I love Keeping up Appearances. I certainly pray he recovers.