Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars!

Peter said these shoes had Phlegmmy written all over them, and I suppose I do rather rate in the twinkle-toes department. These gold & diamond stilettos register in at a cool £100,000 jumping-off point. Each solid gold shoe is encrusted with 1100 diamonds.

What's most hair-raising to me is that these shoes have a 1000 year guarantee.

Come again?

I'm trying to wrap my brain around that. So, like, if in 400 years, a diamond falls out, some great-great-great granchild of the designer will pony up a replacement stone? What if they've been quite banged-about? I mean, would that void the guarantee? I'd like to know the specific terms.

Then again, I suppose if you have to have the terms, you can't afford it anyhoo. So much for that, eh?
Thanks for the bit of perspective, though, Peter. I'm always looking for affirmation that the $400 or $600 shoes for which I lust are actually rather modest investments! ;)


Daddy Hawk said...

Yet more proof that men will NEVER understand women. EVER.

Jon said...

Somewhere, there's probably a law that states that guarantees are only valid in a time period that could be reasonably considered the usable life of the product. Otherwise, the guarantee is only good for a few years and you'd have to sue for damages, which would be a hard sell to 12 people that couldn't fathom how anyone would spend a quarter of a million on a pair of shoes.

It sounds good, but so does all you can eat buffets. Sometimes, a dollar is all you can stand of a 7 dollar buffet.

Borepatch said...

Huh. I have a "lifetime power train warranty" on my Jeep Wrangler, issued by Chrysler.

Now it's the People's Automotive Collective No. 2. I wonder how it will play out.

A thousand years ago, William the Conqueror hadn't been born yet - his father was only ten at the time. I'm not sure that even an escrow account has any meaning with this time frame. Heck, even land (Real Estate) doesn't have any meaning, with title being unclear over such a long time period.

Cool shoes, though.

stopsign said...

Hum! Wonder if they come in a size 81/2...

MiniKat said...

Ooh, sparkles!!!

That being said, maybe the designer registered them with Llyod's of London?