Thursday, June 17, 2010

Larry & Laurie David: a couple really in the bag for the environment.

Today's post circles the bowl in a perfect storm of politics, environmentalism and infidelity.

About 5 years ago, Larry David (creator of Seinfeld and creator/star of Curb Your Enthusiasm) and his wife Laurie decided to make a statement. When I heard about this on the news at the time, they said Larry was about to get a new Prius, and his wife persuaded him to donate the old Prius to be a prize/award in some sort of charity sweepstakes or auction. At the time, it struck me that it was a bit tacky that he was giving his castoff as if having been owned by him made the car "value-added." Value-addled, perhaps. [Sort of like the tax return where Bill Clinton valued his used Ermengildo Zegna boxer briefs as having a resale value of $20 per pair. ] Yeah, they were in the bag for the environment, alright. They were good friends of Al and Tipper - he of politics and she of PMRC fame (remember that bag of bullcrap?). Anyhoo, in that imperious, condescending way of so many liberals, today I found a site that described the David's Prius fundraising event:

Tell us how your "Curb Global Warming" campaign came to be. I've seen the commercials where mtvU is hauling away your Prius, and you find out Laurie gave it away without telling you. True story?

True story. I came into my office one day and my assistant asked what I was going to do for a new car. And I said, "What are you talking about?" She said, "Your wife gave away your car." mtvU is working with Laurie to promote the "Stop Global Warming" campaign, so my car is the prize in a sweepstakes for mtvU viewers who sign people up for the march.

So. Being so moved by the hype, Laurie David thought Larry needed to give up his sweet ride to promote awareness for Gore's movement. Little did he know that wasn't the only ride he was losing to Al Gore: Laurie divorced Larry in 2007.

Did you stop to notice how THE voice of environmentalism has been silent on the whole BP thing lately? Rumour has it this was because Al was keeping his head low lest he be decrapitated by the fallout from news of a tempestuous affair.

Turns out, Al and Laurie apparently were the rumoured affair.

Now that is recycling!


Jon said...

I'm trying to understand the path to an affair with Al Gore. Too much alcohol? Drug addiction? Failing eyesight? Dementia? Something very wrong has happened, and I have the feeling it's all the fault of Halliburton.

Vinogirl said...

Nice values...and these people are supposed to be examples to the rest of us? Yeah, right!

Nancy R. said...

"Now that is recycling!"

I just inhaled my tea into my sinuses.

Anonymous said...

The consequences are their own reward. (chortle)

B Woodman