Friday, June 18, 2010

Have I got shoes for you!

How long since I posted about shoes here?

Well, that's too long.

Feast your feets on these little darlings from Irregular Choice.

This patriotic number makes me want to straddle a cannon. How about you? I'm not thinking of Cher in that scary video so much as 1940s calendar girl type stuff. *squee* Or maybe just hum some Andrews Sisters...

This feline bootlet is oddly compelling. Can't decide if I'm crazy about them or not, but I'm leaning toward the crazy. Nope. Scratch that-- I totally love these.

Then there's this colorful yet subdued pair that make me think of the Mad Hatter for some reason. *slobber*

BTW, I have a new pair of 5" pewter metallic wedges which fit snugly into the Gladiatrix Space Hooker category. You'd be so proud of me. They match my purse...

Which matches my carry pistol.

I need to wear something downright slatternly on my feet today to offset the mandatory t-shirt scourge at work.


Peter said...

And just how long do you think Praline and Chuy would allow the feline bootlets to survive?


Joanna said...

The mandatory what-what? How is that not a human rights offense?

Anonymous said...

I'll NEVER understand how the female of the species can walk and navigate with such foot-bending contraptions on their feet, and not become crippled.

My feet hurt just to look at them, especially the bootlet.

B Woodman

Vinogirl said...

Andrew Sisters definitely, with a quick rendition of 'Bugle Boy'!

Keads said...

Ya gotta love a woman that accessorizes to match the carry pistol! I'm just sayin'!

Jennifer said...

I totally understand. I wear stilettos on jeans days.