Saturday, June 26, 2010

Get 'em before copyright infringement turns them into unobtanium

Holy crap, but we watched Army Of Darkness last night, and I noticed over at snarkybytes' that Bruce Campbell's birthday was a few days back, and I squee'ed when I saw his post title "Good… Bad… I’m the guy with soup." What a coinkydink! made up some labels for Bruce Campbell's Soup in honor of his birthday. There's a link where you can print the labels out and bung them over your existing soup can. I'm SO having some of this in my shelf. Coolest. Soup. Ever.


OrangeNeck said...

That's awesome!!!

Keads said...

Works for me young lady, and when snoopy guests pilfer the pantry hilarity awaits!

Oh I also put loose marbles in the medicine cabinet when I have parties!

Roscoe said...

No Guan-Di brand Tofu?

SpeakerTweaker said...


Going on my desk as fast as I can get a can of something to wrap the label around!!!

Bruce Campbell's Soup. Mmm-Mmm-Boomstick!