Monday, June 28, 2010

Pimp my cubicle

Pimp my cubicle for under $3.00?

Tempting. Very tempting. Still, I think the owner of my company would look askance at such a decor choice for my cubicle...

Take your cubicle from boring to *bling*

Come to think of it, the folks at work might find the pimpery less alarming than wallpapering the cubicle with crack-shot target papers from leisure time at the range.
What do you think?


Rabbit said...

I stripped all my stuff out of my veal cage a couple of years ago. Folks got nervous about the dummy .50MBG round and the Mk13 grenade (dummy, of course) I kept for desk toys. At least they sorta didn't get the clacker, and thought it was a stapler or something. Now all I have are lolcat posters and a couple of 'coffeemugs'.

I look at it as less I'll have to haul out when they decide to fire us all and send our jobs to Mumbai.

Crucis said...

Different companies have different cultures. A former employer allowed only family photos---nothing else, no posters or toys. A different employer allowed company oriented stuff. I hung my patents for awhile but finally stripped everything down to just a EAA calendar.

Frankly, I wouldn't want a lot of junk around. All too often, stuff grows legs and walks off.

Lawyer said...

Hehe. Rank has its privileges. I'm now the managing partner at my law firm. I have pics of an AR15 on my wall, and different ammo rounds on my desk. Complaints about decor are to be submitted to ... me!

I find that no one even blinks, though.

NotClauswitz said...

Nothing says *Cubicle Pimp* like a black velvet painting and a tiki mug!

Ross said...

Having had HR tell me that an anonymous complainant felt "intimidated" by the two targets on my wall, the milsurp calendar and the Nerf missile launcher on my monitor, I'm just a little bit down on caring what my cow-orkers think any more.