Thursday, April 01, 2010

Uno and Dos

One of my favorite people I met when managing lofts in Dallas was Erin, a gorgeous redheaded woman of Irish descent who had a pair of wiener dogs.

I'd never really been around wiener dogs before, but I found this odd little pair rather fetching, at first, and then I figured out how incredibly smart they were and I was utterly charmed. I had observed that people who were into daschunds were VERY into them, sometimes sporting whole heards of the little tyrants. There must be something to that.

Uno, the black little rascal was given her by her first husband. Her second husband gave her the piebald Dos. Anyway, we were a very dog-friendly property, and I would keep dog treats in my office for the various hounds about the place. Uno and Dos always knew where to come for a snack. Being the nearest apartment to the gate, they quickly learned the sound of my vehicle, and would pester Erin until she let them out, and they'd come tearing up the hill to my office door. I was horrified they'd get run over, but they survived the whole experience.

Anyway, I was soon besotted with them, and it was probably inevitable that I would one day have a dog that was half-- if not all-- wiener. Anyway, here are the grand wee beasts. :) Uno looks very sweet, but he's eerily knowing and kind of evil. He's waaaay too smart, whereas Dos is sort of like Odie. Around Erin's house, Dos is also known as McLuvin.
Ossum dogs. Gotta love 'em.


Anonymous said...

I care.

Love those cutie patooties.

Thanks for sharing pics as well as the story.

Jon said...

We had a dachsund in the house when I was in high school. He was my sisters, who dressed him in doll clothes and pushed him around in stroller. The dog loved it and responded to comments with a "Go to Hell" look that could wither flowers.

The "eerily knowing, and kind of evil" description brought back memories. The dog had been injured which caused him to limp for a period after the injury, and as needed from that point on. Sympathy, and attention, seemed to be the driving force for the "limp". It worked, and my pleading that he was gaming the system fell on deaf ears.

Crucis said...

When my daughter was much younger, we had a red miniture Dachshund named "Gretchen Krause" after a character in the old "Benson" TV show.

She loved popcorn. When we made some in the evening, she'd beg and we'd toss her a kernel. She'd jump and snatch it out of the air. At mealtimes, she'd sit up between me and my daughter begging. All you could see was the black tip of her nose. I don't remember if she was successful at the table. I expect my daughter slipped her something from time to time.

I do remember that even a Dachshund won't eat Cauliflower and Broccoli.

drjim said...

I had a doxie back when I was a kid. Very loyal, smart, and *stubborn*!

Old NFO said...

Stubborn is the key word... Cute pics though! :-)

jacqueline said...

they are adorable