Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I thought the wheels might be about to fall off when...

...a coworker - B - asked me, giggling, "did J tell you about her dream about you and me?"

Uh, no.

She's giggling so much, I think this is either going to be very good or very, very bad.

She collected herself and said J had a dream that we were all at a party and that I was puking and B was holding my hair up. What am I to make of that? Some times a sick barf is just a sick barf?

B went on to say she really is that kind of a friend and would totally hold my hair up if I ever got sick. Nice to know someone's got your back. :P


Christina LMT said...

Oh, absolutely, Phlegmmy!

Heh, I also thought it might go a totally different direction. :D

Old NFO said...

Well, at least you HAVE hair... sigh... :-) And yeah, someone having your back is nice!

phlegmfatale said...

Christina - I thought so too! *heh*

Old NFO - If I'm ever puking with a girlfriend holding my hair up, I'll remember this and be thankful for my long, flowing locks, okay? :P