Tuesday, April 06, 2010

As difficult as it may seem to believe...

...my dear friend Rosie manages the literary series for a music and arts festival in England. She was in North Texas last week in the town in Collin County where we both used to live.

Another friend of ours runs a wonderful restaurant and put on a little dinner party in Rosie's honor on Sunday night.

All day Sunday was overcast and brooding and it seemed it might finally rain in the early evening when everyone started arriving for the party. Early arrivals sat in the garden and chatted, and I was thrilled to see my first hummingbird of the year. The redbuds were blooming, and there were huge, fresh yellow roses from the garden all over the table.
It was very very grand. I should have taken more pictures, but I was so busy enjoying the lovely company. Alas, I had to leave early, as I had to be at work in Elsewhere on Monday morning.

The food was gorgeous and it was such a fine occasion. Everyone was actually quite dressed up, and I find no one does garden partie s like English folk. At such moments life seems perfectly sweet and perfectly perfect. So happy to see good friends again, and to renew acquaintances.

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Jon said...

I spent Sunday with my family at my mother's house, which allowed us to sit on her covered back patio and watch the world slowly turn.

The big event of the day was the refilling of the bird feeder. The "hogs" were a half dozen white wing doves, which are not native to Southeast Texas. One particular dove parked for a good thirty minutes on the tiny ledge of the feeder, while it feasted.

I know....this sounds extremely boring, but it was a day of memory, and a good memory to boot.