Friday, April 30, 2010

...and then there were none.

Remember the nest of purple finch eggs on my porch?

Last night I was reading on the sofa under a pair of wee hounds when I heard a sort of *thump* on the porch. Thursday was really windy and I thought maybe something had blown over. Turns out, apparently some larger bird was coming in and robbing the nest. Wednesday night there were still three eggs there, and Thursday night there was no evidence of two of the eggs and the third was partially pecked open, dead baby inside. I think I may have scared away the predator before it finished its business.

Meh. Wildlife. What can you do?

Anyway. It's Friday. I'm happy it's Friday. Here's a video of some nice wildlife that I never tire of watching. Love the woolly fellow in the pickup truck. Hee.

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BobG said...

I remember a couple of times up deer hunting when my dad and I had to untangle mulie does from barb wire fences. Sometimes while jumping over, their hind feet would catch and they would get all twisted up in the wire. One of us would hold her head (they snap quite a bit, and could take off a finger) while the other would untangle the legs, usually getting kicked pretty good in the process. Once free we would let go simultaneously and let her go bouncing away.