Tuesday, April 20, 2010

unintentionally funny item from Reuters:

Iranian missile may be able to hit U.S. by 2015

Uh, that's one slow-assed missile. You could walk there that fast.


Keads said...

Ha! Thanks for the laugh! Coffee on the keyboard, but other than that, no harm done!

Cliff47 said...

Is this the warhead that will be delivered by oxcart??

Rabbit said...

North Korea's delivery system is the one that involves oxcarts, or more likely, a Chinese copy of a 1930's Soviet truck. Or a shipping container brought into a US port.

Walking? They're gonna get their feet wet. Sorta like the DMV drone who asked how a citizen got their car to Texas from Hawaii...that long bridge?

I'm sure nobody is DC is working on any plans for this little contingency. I think Israel will know first, within a half hour when Iran becomes a full member of the nuclear club by the bright flash above Tel Aviv.

The second one to know will be whatever European weenie country was the latest to 'insult Islam'.

If I were running this monkey show, I'd let the Israelis off the leash and stand way back. Osirak and Dimona were successful practice runs. It's a pity this current administration doesn't understand the value of strong friends in that region.


Rabbit said...

Gah. Not Dimona, Al Kibar. Dimona is the super-secret squirrel Israeli reactor. Al Kibar was the Syrian/NorK joint venture toothbrush plant.

I need more coffee.


Old NFO said...

dammit... another hew9y237098p;a