Thursday, November 15, 2007

Plodding my way through Discworld (I don't have much time for reading right now) I'm given to wonder which Discworld character I'd be. I fancy I'm more the Granny Weatherwax sort than anything. Not so, says this quiz:

Which Discworld Character are you like (with pics)
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You scored as Lord Havelock Vetinari

You are Lord Vetinari! Supreme ruler of Ankh-Morpork! Cool, calculated, and always in control. You graduated from the assassins guild, but failed a course on stealth and camouflage, because the professor never saw you there (even though you attended every class). You always seem to know what everyone is thinking, and after a conversation with you, people feel that they have just escaped certain death.

Lord Havelock Vetinari


Esmerelda (Granny) Weatherwax


Carrot Ironfounderson


Commander Samuel Vimes


Gytha (Nanny) Ogg




The Librarian


Cohen The Barbarian






Wha??? I haven't encountered Lord Havelock yet - should I be flattered or insulted? Let's try another one...

Your Score: Susan Sto Helit

You scored 89 intelligence, 69 morality, and 39 physical strength!

As Death's granddaughter (a long story, which you greatly dislike), you inherited his ultimate practicality and lack of fear. In fact, boogeymen and other childhood boggles fear YOU. Often assisted by the Death of Rats and his raven, you manage to fix the Universe inbetween working as a governness and educating the masses. The ultimate teacher.

Link: The Which Discworld Character Am I Test written by smirkette on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

I don't even know who this character is, but she DOES sound like me, so I'll take it... Still, I'm a bit wistful about not being declared "Granny Weatherwaxish." Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I am Carrot Ironfounderson, an honest dwarf.Liked mostly for my money. The worst part is I don't even seem to care that I'm rich!

That sucks!

DBA Dude said...

A description of Susan culled from wiki:

"Pratchett describes her as “attractive in a skinny way.” Her hair is pure white, but with a streak of black running through it from end to end. It tends to rearrange its style of its own accord depending on her mood or actions.

Her practical nature is very similar to Granny Weatherwax’s Headology, though the two are used in different fashions."

I got a dead heat between The Librarian and Carrot Ironfoundersson which I thought was cool.

Liz said...

HA! I scored 100% Granny Weatherwax! You want to be me!

Buck said...

Dang! A whole new (ahem) world if I needed yet another distraction. It took me at least five minutes to read the wiki entry on Discworld, about which I was totally oblivious until about six minutes ago.

phlegmfatale said...

lainy - can I borrow $37?
j/k. Indeed, I thought everyone felt as I did - they love you for your sweetness and wit!

dba dude - well, I'm attractive, but in a not-skinny way. Love the streak in the hair - have always wanted a glamour lock, and one day, I will have. I don't know who Carrot is yet, but I must tell you "Oook!"

liz - I wuz robbed! *Heh* I might have known - you know levels of snark to which I can only aspire. Then again, maybe it's your impeccable sense of headology wot done it for you. Or your special way with herbs.

buck - AWWWW! A baby! And I got to hold your hand as you entered this world! *sweetness* What a wonderful vista now appears before you. You're about to be in love.

breda said...

I was Gytha (Nanny) Ogg. I have no idea what this means, though. I have never read the series. Should I?

Rabbit said...


Seems I'm paired with Lord Vetinari also.

Gliding through his CV on wiki, I note an odd...similarity.

Most of my coworkers are a little unnerved by me sometimes.

I, however, have never been found unconscious anywhere.


phlegmfatale said...

breda - Hie! Hie thee to a books emporium toute-de-suite. You are in for a major treat - these books are some of the best.

rabbit - Well, I'm generally just a little lamb, but I can turn on the intestinal-withering ├╝ber-bitch should need arise. Not found unconscious anywhere? Control freak. *hee!*

phlegmfatale said...

Wow, DBA Dude - do we have a West Memphis connection? Lived there for years and years, once.

Meg said...

I have no idea what Discworld is, Rita, but the quiz was fun and I'm the Orang-utan Librarian!

phlegmfatale said...

meg - then you have a vocabulary that consists entirely of the word "Ooook!" but you are extremely expressive and may be bribed with bananas. You'd love Discworld -it's silly and fun.