Friday, November 30, 2007

OK, I'm on to the third of the witchy segment of Discworld. I loved the first but was over-the-moon with the second, Wyrd Sisters, and I fancied myself the Granny Weatherwax sort until I read this passage.

Granny wasn't at home in public houses. She sat stiffly to attention behind her port-and-lemon, as if it were a shield against the lures of the world.

Nanny Ogg, on the other hand, was enthusiastically downing her third drink, and, Granny thought sourly, was well along that path which would probably end up with her usual dancing on the table, showing her petticoats and singing "The Hedgehog Can Never Be Buggered at All."

So, there's a wee bit of Nanny Ogg in me, too, since I sing that song all the time.
Speaking of things witchy-poo-esque - I'm in lurve again-- aren't these shoes the very most darling things evah? I knew you'd agree. *sigh* Santa-me may have to break down and buy them for myself. I'll grant you they are a trifle unconventional, but then again, so am I. Plus I've been perfecting my cackle.


Christina RN LMT said...

I LOVE the heels, they're fantastic!

DBA Dude said...

I thought that we must be getting near another shoe fest time.

Well at least you share Granny's teeth rather than Nanny's tooth.

Sudiegirl said...

Those are pretty interesting...My dad would have had a field day with those if he had to put on new heels.

And I don't know if I'd want to bugger a hedgehog. Kinda prickly, don't ya think?

phlegmfatale said...

christina - I thought so - I'm need to strap on a drool cup. Me in lurve!

dba dude - Yuppers, we was overdue for some shoe love. I've been so busy putting my cowboy boots through their paces that I neglected my duty to see what's out there. Yar, the good enamel is one trait I'm happy to share with Granny.

phlegmfatale said...

sudiegirl - I know they're not for everyone, I just love 'em. Well, the good thing is a hedgehog WON'T be buggered, I think! :P

LJ said...

If Santa doesn't break down and buy those for you, do you think she could buy them for me? WOW!

FatQuarterQuiltFarm said...

eeeeew.. Shweeet!!! I knew in an instant they must BE FLUEVOGS!! I swear when(..ever....if!) I get married I be sportin some fine shoe creation of his that day!!. You've been pretty darn good this year........perfect reward!!!!

The Atavist said...

Buy 'em. Model 'em. Take pix. Post 'em. 'Nuff said.

Lin said...

I'd rather go pub crawling with Nanny as well.

Spring for those shoes, they are a sheer delight.

Rabbit said...

I sent SWMBO the link to those boots; she wore something similar in style, but ecru and lacy when we got married.

She too thought, unprompted, that they would be perfect safety equipment while brooming.


phlegmfatale said...

lj - Santa should buy us both a pair- these shoes deserve to be seen all over the place

schnnobaroonie - Fluevog DOES do a series called "sole mates" for weddings - the same shoes in white or ivory - fabulous stuff, and incredibly sweet. AND they're comfortable. Triple-whammy!

atavist - Hmmm, could start my own web-based empire, oui?

lin - Yup, I'm a gonna. Gonna sell some other stuff on ebay to offset the pain in the wallet area.

rabbit - SWMBO is obviously a woman of superb taste, in every sense! I'm right there with her on the brooming.