Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Over on YouTube, I found a really cool set of videos called Nutcracker of the Damned, and it's the 2006 Pacific Northwest Ballet's version of The Nutcracker set to the music of the Damned. Oddly enough, it really fits, Grimly Fiendish, In dulce decorum, et al.

First time I was in Europe in 1987, I was on my way to the airport and snapped a photo of a Damned poster, and when I got the photo developed, I saw they played Brussels the night I left. Damn. Better late than never, I saw the Damned in Dallas several years ago. Wish they'd come back - great show.
I thought once I got past last week the dust would settle a bit, but things continue apace, as hectic as ever, it seems. I'll make my blog rounds soon, I promise, and get caught up.

I was recently tagged by the barbara of Bad Tempered Zombie fame to share 7 random and/or weird facts about myself. Um, I can't imagine there's much weirdness left that I haven't shamelessly flaunted here, but let's see what we can dig up...

1. I'm neurotic about flossing and brushing - never had a cavity, hate having bad breath, and bizarrely

2. I love garlic and onions, leeks, shallots, and pretty much anything stinky, including super-stinky cheese *bliss*

3. I hate chewing gum. I sort of have a compulsion to chew the entire pack at once if I ever indulge, because it'll be calling to me, and I just have to get it out of the way. Chewing gum makes me nervous (whew, this entry is about 7 all by its lonesome, oui?). I like Big Red and cinnamon gums, hot gum that's sweet

4. My orthodontist made me chew sugarless gum after I got my braces adjusted, so the pain wouldn't be so bad the next day

5. If I still had my baby teeth, I'd set them in silver and make a necklace or a bracelet for myself. I think my mom is glad the tooth fairy didn't save my baby teeth, and I suspect my sister has hidden niece and nephew's baby pearlies... must investigate...

[let's change tack, shall we?]

6. I have a massive collection of wind-up toys, and now I am building my fleet of animated car/lowrider/hoop-d series. Goofy, brightly colored plastic with wind-up or push-buttons for music are like crack for me. Despite all this, I have none of those clattering teeth in my collection. (AHA! ya see that? I got a toofy reference in there!) I do have walking sushi and a keychain that plays the Beverly Hillbillies theme. I'd like to have the Jeffersons, but I haven't seen one of those.

7. This blog is the closest thing to a habit of any non-artistic pursuit in my life. In close second (and I'm loath to admit this, almost) is that I have the dorkiest hobby in the world: I'm a where's george goober. Yeah, I know. That ranks above pocket protectors, but I forgive myself.

On very rare occasions, I'll hear someone say something that makes me feel like a computer wiz. Tuesday was such a day: I was in a class for a real estate thingie, and everyone was plodding through the course material on their own pc stations, when a guy near the front asked "now what do I do since I touched the touchy thing?" [translation - "what do I do after I click the hyperlink?"] I managed to not snort. Proud of me?


Christina RN LMT said...

Writing is very creative, especially the way YOU do it!


Collecting things (besides books) will have to wait until I get settled. I'm definitely NOT staying here in Vegas forever.

I used to collect all kinds of stuff, before I joined the military. Especially little bottles of liquor, the kind you get on airplanes.

Anonymous said...

Yep, got some cute little baby teeth, the boy is still holding his. A

Anonymous said...

I have all 3 of my kids baby teeth, the oldest will be 24 in 2 weeks. They are embarrassed but I'm saving them. Not sure why. Maybe to send to you to make jewelry if your niece and nephew haven't any:)

My hubby's a dork as well. Gotta love em.

All in all you seem normal to me. You go girl!

B said...

Having grown many more teeth than my mouth could accommodate, I was getting second teeth yanked out constantly as a child. I made a necklace out of an adult canine and the thing looked like a jack-rabbit fang. So vicious. Maybe I'll go plate the rest in gold. Great idea!
ps-my sentiments precisely with the gum! I used to have a "problem" with the Plen-T packs (and as I'm sure you are well aware of, the cinnamon flavor in that quantity will burn the first four layers off your tongue)that got to the point of interfering with my job.

DBA Dude said...

Phlegmmy the only thing that you could write that would surprise me would be you going conventional on us.

Computer wiz? I can see geekdom looming large in your future - be afraid :)

Buck said...

Wind-up toys! None survived my childhood, but I had a pretty sizable collection of Schuco racers and such, acquired in the mid-50s when they were all the rage with the ten year-old set. And my Ol' Man, too. He played with 'em as much as i did, maybe more. Fastest wind-up cars in all Creation, they were...

FHB said...

"The touchy thingy?" Yep, that's about my level. Hilarious.

Yea, #s 1 and 2 are a bit odd. Individually no, but together, odd.

And the last time I had a mouth full of gum it ripped the cover off one of my crowns. Nice. My cousin, the dentist, told me it was on warranty, so I'm cool.

Bein' into the wind up toys, you ever see a Lilliput catalog?

I get them all the time and occasionally order things.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for playing along! And with such toothsome bits of info as well. You know, I do believe I still have the offspring's teeth somewhere...

Walking sushi would be beyond awesome!

none said...

I know what you mean about the teeth thing. I keep breath drops and gum for when I go out to eat and can't brush after onions.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I saved my wisdom teeth, want dangle earrings. A

breda said...

do you have one of those chickens that lay eggs when you wind them up? I like to put raisins inside, instead of the jellybeans. Funnier.

Sudiegirl said...

The "Nutcracker of the Damned" sounds good.

Did you know Duke Ellington did a jazz Nutcracker? Yep - all the pieces from Tchaikovsky put into jazz form. My college alma mater (U of Iowa) did a few performances of it with the jazz and dance departments - full house for all of 'em

Unknown said...

I have to admit that I've never been great at flossing but they say that I have pretty clean teeth for not having done so. I like the stinky stuff too and then I have to chase it with chocolate or a bloody mary, so it's double-the-pleasure. Ted and I usually "agree" that we'll both eat a caesar or garlic for a meal so that we don't overstink the other.