Wednesday, March 04, 2009

View from the lounge...

After work Tuesday, I took a rare moment to lounge on the sofa to read for a bit. The back door was open so the hounds could run in and out.

Generally, if I sit still for a moment, Chuy the lovesponge will come cuddle up to me and Praline will wiggle up with something gripped in her maw which she'd dearly love me to throw and yet she can't bring herself to let go of. Someone sagely mused recently that "picking up Praline is like trying to hold a salmon on meth." Quite. I had finally settled into reading and calmed the little critters down when they both took off and ran out the back door. A short while later, one of the pups jumped up onto the sofa and snuggled in between my side and the back of the sofa. Thinking this was Chuy, I reached down to pet the critter just as I heard Chuy's hoarse bark reporting from the back yard.

ZOMG! Praline had nestled in and was being very still as I scratched her ornery little head. This has NEVER happened before. I thought it would take years for her to reach this point. Of course, this was an isolated incident and may not occur again for months or years, but for just today and just for a few minutes, she was ready to sit still for a proper pet and scratch session. In future, I will politely not remind her of this event which must necessarily cause her some embarrassment [omg! someone might mistake me for one of those useless lap-dogs! I'm much too busy for such petty niceties!], but I'm calling this progress.


Tuesday night I enjoyed the rare privelege of meeting the lovely and esteemed Brigid. We went to Texas Land & Cattle Company for a hearty repast of dead cow product. (It was comin' right for us!) I urged her to try the Shiner Bock, a fab brew from a Texas company wot's been making good beer for 100 years, and she seemed to really like it. Oh, and since I was driving, I had iced tea, and the waiter brought me a big carafe of tea for refills. Nirvana! Honestly, I could walk around all day with an IV bag of iced tea on one of those rolly-cart things they have in the hospital. Habit is not quite a big enough word for my relationship with iced tea. Anyway, we talked and laughed and discussed houses and apartments and our fabulous dogs. She is a remarkable woman, and I am delighted to have met her!


TOTWTYTR said...

I like Shiner Bock. It's something that I look forward to on my trips to Texas.

I also like the products of Rahr & Sons Brewery of Fort Worth. I hope to get reacquainted with that as well in the not distant future.

Breda said...

someday, we totally need to have a gunblogger chick retreat!

J.R.Shirley said...

Hm. I haven't liked Shiner in the past, but my beer tastes are changing. They are becoming (dare I say) a bit more adult, I guess.

Glad you and Brigid, hit it off, not that I'd expect any less.


Jackie said...

What gorgeous dogs! You're so lucky to have them - I'm in a small flat so couldn't possibly keep a dog, but I'd really love one.

Brigid said...

I had a wonderful time! I've enjoyed our telephone chats in the past so much, it was nice to do that in person. Especially over great food and company. We will definitely do it again soon.

Cheers my dear.