Saturday, March 21, 2009


One Big-Assed Mistake, America.

Yeah, saw that in the comments section of one of the articles on The Light-Bringer™'s grandiloquent community outreach to Special Olympics. Perhaps one day he'll be able to speak off the cuff at the level of his pay-grade? I'm not holding my breath, though.


Thomas J Wolfenden said...

Im pecial cuz mah mama say so! I ride the tort bus wit all the uther pecial people! I got a hemet an everthin! I can't go outside witout my hemet!

WTF, over?

I use to say when I was in the army, when asked why we were doing something or another "it was far beyond my pay grade"

I won't be holding my breath either... I don't look good in blue.

Anonymous said...


Thud said...

Ah yes..the caring unlike us nasty conservatives.

Miz Minka said...

Ever notice how big the Obamassiah's smugly grinning mouth is?

It's good thing too, seeing as he keeps putting his big a$$ foot in it.


Anonymous said...

TOTWTYTR said...

It's not that he said something stupid. Believe me, I have an Olympic Gold Medal in that. It's not that he's the President, either. What it is, is that if it were GWB or any Republican this would receive endless press and air time. It would be page one, above the fold for the NY Times and WaPo.

But, because he is their golden manchild, the Lame Stream Media gives him a pass.