Wednesday, March 18, 2009

petty, much?

Here's a quote from someone I deal with who harrassed me about not paying for their services. Received this on November 14.

XXXXXX will be coming by your office to clarify that it was our XXXX that helped him. We have a chain of emails to provide support of the evidence of XXXX working on this.

Checked with my accountant, and found we'd paid on September 12, and the check had funded to their account on September 14.

Even if there had been an oversight on my part, I don't believe I care for that tone. We are not amused.

One should always check one's records before accusing others of louche business practices.

What's odd to me is that when I took the 10 hour a week job in an apartment management office, I had no remote thought of this eventually turning into a career. Now other management companies have tried to poach me from my property and other managers call and vent to me. Wednesday a manager at a neighboring community-- one of the places I would look first for an apartment in Dallas-- called me up on the verge of tears about her predicament with the corporate arrangement.

There's a lot I love about the work I do. I really like making things function they way they should do. I like taking care of all my little baby chicks. Other aspects: not so much.


Anonymous said...

It's always best to fire back an e-mail that states you like your coffee black and usually have a jalapeno cheese collache with your breakfast.

Oh yeah, give them your limited time slot of 8:15 to 8:30 am and remind them not to be late.

Rabbit said...

I suppose I could tear away and come over to discuss this with them. I haven't had my Effin' Happy Pill this morning.

SWMBO always pulls up a chair and has a cup of something when I have such discussions with others. It's quite a show. Too bad I couldn't detail strip an AR while at the desk. A strong visual aid always helps.


Anonymous said...

Hey, no one has the time to do it right, but everyone has the time to do it again. I'd suggest that you supplement your income by writing one of those self-help 'Managing Excellence: the Secret of Excellent Managers Managing to be Excellent' books, but you already know too much about how things actually work.

Anonymous said...

Let us know how you gave that person "what-for."

none said...

God I hate inept accounting departments.

Christina RN LMT said...

I on the other hand, was getting all righteously wrathy today because of harassing phone calls I was receiving from a company I pay to monthly. Then I went home and checked MY records and realized I somehow forgot to pay them last month! D'oh!
I called and humbly asked that they take off the late charges (the payment was due a week ago precisely), because of my excellent payment history and oh my god, I'm always early and have never missed a payment and always pay more than I need to and PLEASE show me mercy and...
They did...:)
I second the requests for a)an update on how you gave them the smack-down
and b)a book of your adventures.

Attila the Mom said...

Well, even though you didn't plan on this as a career, it's nice to know that you excel in your field!! :-)