Wednesday, August 08, 2012

What exactly was that turkey supposed to have been doing in the straw, anyhow?

I've always wondered.

Dad burned ice cream truck. Now it'll be in my head for weeks.


Jennifer said...

I've always wondered that too. Of course, when my mother first taught me that song, I thought it was too stupid to sing. On the next trip to a fast food restaurant, I pulled the straw out of my soda and explained to her that there was no possible way a turkey was going to fit in there.
Yes, I was that much a city kid.

Crucis said...

Well you can get the turkey wasn't just peckin' and scrathin'! I'll bet there was a big Gobbler around somewhere.

Old NFO said...

ARGHHHH! You just HAD to post that didn't you??? sigh... :-)