Friday, August 17, 2012

Dry cleaning.

Yup, gonna crab about dry cleaning. I don't think it really cleans clothes, do you? I had a skirt dry cleaned in June, pulled out of the closet today and it smells bad. Some weird chemical thing, I think.


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Matt G said...

It does, the way that running solvent through an oily rag will. They use an incredibly volatile liquid tetrachloroethylene (which is kinda like Bestine, AKA heptane) to remove the shtuff from the fabric. I'd run it back and complain if it came back smellah.

Jess said...

From what I know, they use some kind of cleaning chemical, which removes dirt from the clothes, places it in suspension and allows the dirt of all the clothes to intermingle. It's like being number 7 son on Saturday night.

Old NFO said...

Take it back and complain!