Thursday, August 16, 2012

one certain pup is teething

Miss Mochi is prone to chewing everything.  By everything I mean EVERYTHING.  She came up with my guitar tuner one day.  My capo is missing and I suspect her.  Somewhere she must have a little magpie cache of shiny crap wot she stole. 

One good teething toy I've gotten for her is a Kong Teething Stick.  I've not smeared peanut butter or shaving cheese into the grooves like they recommend, but she seems quite pleased to gnaw on it at length anyway.    Still, I'm worried about her uneven bite and how the baby teeth don't seem to be falling out.  The big canines are coming in but the little baby ones seem like they don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon.  poor little lamb.  I hope they don't need to be surgically removed, but I suppose that could happen when shes getting fixed.  


Laura said...

Deckard, when he was teething, had this happen a few times. The vet will probably tell you to let'em go until the adult teeth are in, and if any are still hanging on they'll take them off. That's what we were told, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Some of my puppy's baby teeth didn't fall out when her big girl teeth came in, so her doctor pulled them when she was fixed. She never even knew it happened and it didn't cost much since she was already having her spay surgery.

Le Conteur said...

Take a check - they swallow the baby teeth and the new ones (when they are coming in) tend to look like baby teeth, but they are just pushing out. It is usually the canines that come out last - looks like a vampire with teeth pushing forward and new ones coming in behind...Happy puppyhood

Le Conteur

Old NFO said...

Ouch... On MANY levels... Teething puppies are NOT good for keeping good things viable (like nice leather shoes!