Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Guess what I got done on Monday night?

Absolutely nothing. 

Well, I made a pie. I also dirtied some dishes, but mostly  I goofed off.  I played the guitar and uke for a bit.
It's good to be out of school now and for the next few weeks. *whew*

I may goof off most of the week.  Regroup.  I really needed a break.

I've outgrown my cheapie ukulele. It won't stay in tune but I do so love playing it.  Now I'm looking at all the pretty ukes and trying to make a sensible choice about my next acquisition.  I'm lusting mightily for a Beltona resonator, the type of uke Tiny Tim was playing when he keeled on over to shuffle off this mortal coil.  But... I'll probably go for something that costs about a quarter of that amount for my next one.  We shall see.  The Eddy Finn ukes sound good and some of them are somewhat modestly priced. 

There's an entire ukieverse out there and I want to get on!

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