Saturday, August 25, 2012

We got comp'nay!!!

The lovely couple that is Jennifer and Evyl Robot arrived at Chez Phlegm yesterday with the always delightful Heidi. Himself made his wonderful chicken taco soup and we generally had a grand time. Know you are itching to hear so I'll tell you: Jennifer was wearing glossy nook-yoo-lar green sandals with (at least) 4" stacked leather heels. They coordinated with her green linen top and white stingray holster beautifully.

The fellows got a fire roiling in the chimenea and I drank more bloody marys than was seemly. Then I inflicted some ukulele on everyone. We laughed aplenty and I had a wonderful time.

They brought some bacon-stuffed olives which are absolutely glorious!

Tonight we are for karaoke in town, and I expect there will be a footwear photo. We may go to the range for snooty(er, shooty) goodness, and there may be a pedicure in there somewhere. For now, though, I'm going back to sleep.


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ZerCool said...

We may go to the range for snooty goodness

Ah, it's an H&K-themed trip? ;-)


Peter said...

"Snooty" goodness at the range? Must be an up-market high-society type club . . .


Old NFO said...

Enjoy the day AND evening!!!

Christina RN LMT said...

Envy. Can't wait until October!
Have fun, Y'all!

agirlandhergun said...

Fun, fun, fun!

Jennifer said...

Ha! It was a wonderful, wonderful visit. Can't wait to see you again.
And I owe you bloody mary mix. It seems it was still in the cooler when EvylRobot loaded up.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful weekend! The taco soup was great the first day and 10x better day 2. The ukelele madness was hysterical fun. I now wish we had made it out for karaoke. Next time we may have to fix that. Why was the weekend so short anyway?