Saturday, August 11, 2012

Check out my big, swinging nuts!

After two fruitless years in a row, looks like I'll have a bumper crop of pecans.  Woohoo!  I have to do pecan recon every day, because Mochi loves eating fresh pecan out of the green hulls. 

I am wondering if having the trees properly seen to by my brother-in-law is what spurred the nut crop this year.  Whatever it is,  I'll take it.  There's some really big ones up there. YAY!  Here's hoping I collect more than the squirrels will.


Squeaky Wheel said... I hate to be "that" person, but don't feed your dogs nuts of any kind. Cooked or raw, they can be toxic, and pecans are on the list of nuts that can cause diarrhea, bowel obstruction, and the uncooked ones can have a toxic mold that creates neurological symptoms.

For humans, YAY PECANS, though. :-) We had a pecan tree at my dad's house when I was in high school, and while they were hazardous to the cars in the driveway, the pecans were quite tasty when toasted. :-)

phlegmfatale said...

My dogs are the reason why I have to pick up the nuts, because Miss Mochi will snarf them up if I don't. :)

John said...

We rented a house that had a pecan tree in the front yard in Copperas Cove TX when the better half was posted to Fort Hood.

I ate pecans until I couldn't stand I miss that tree!

Wayne said...

Dad's trees just dropped every pecan they had. Still in the green husks which means they're garbage. I guess they had to decide bewteen using the scarce water to make pecans or just to stay alive and staying alive won.

Glad it looks like you're going to get a crop though. Now all you need to do is master making a pecan pie. They are God's own little gift to man kind when they are done well, and pie shells full of sugar soup and nuts when they fail. (Works as a great ice cream topper though.)


Old NFO said...

LOL, you 'really' need to think about your post titles some times... :-)

Squeaky Wheel said...

Ah, okay. :-)

My friend's donkey gorged himself on all of the pecans that fell from a tree, and he was so fat for so long that the vet was basically like, "Um, he might die from not being able to poop out all of those shells, you guys." He is still alive, though, and much more svelte. He looked preggers after all of those nuts, though (pun intended).

Jennifer said...