Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: bringing teh kewt to Tea Time

Puppies just lurve the smell of tea. Well, maybe it's the cream and sugar they find so enticing. On the other paw, we have seen a Praline post-digestion product with a teabag tag embedded, and she has been caught chomping teabags. How she got them is a mystery to us, but Chuy probably engineered the whole heist. You can always recognize Chuy: he's the chiweenie with the pencil behind his ear muttering to himself as he works his sliderule and calculates angles.

SO cute. My babies. I love my dogs.


Don said...

Those two look like they are way too smart for their own good :-).

In this picture, it looks like they're thinking, "If we can figure out how to type on this thing, we can get those Amazon people to send us dog treats!"

Farmmom said...

Who says dogs are dumb animals. I really enjoy your puppy posts!

Vinogirl said...

I love your dogs too :)

Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised (or not) at what some animals like to eat.
Some of my cats (Yes, I'm a cat person. Don't hate me for it), have, at various times, likes cantaloupe, peas, and olives.
So a dog eating a tea bag does not surprise me.

B Woodman
(of the bushy non-metrosexual eyebrows)

Old NFO said...

Dumb like a fox... sigh... X2

Carteach said...

My first smile of the day! Thanks!

Jon said...

I saw the same concentration by my chihuahua, right before she snatched a french fry from the bag. She quietly waited, until the perfect moment to make the heroic leap. She wasn't greedy and only snatched one, which was her usual (forgotten by us, but not be her) treat for behaving when riding to the fast food place. Her indignant expression after the episode indicated she was not happy about our lapse in memory. All was forgiven when she received another after a patient wait without begging.