Monday, January 25, 2010

My First Tumbleweed!!!

I had big plans for rounding up some tumbleweeds, staking them in the lawn and festooning them with fairy lights for Christmas, but then that nasty business came along with pneumonia and I decorated nary a whit for the holidays.

I went out of my door Saturday morning and had my first adopted stray tumbleweed since moving out west in April. *squee!*

It's not very big, but it's a cute litte tumbleweed and it's mine, all mine. Yays!

They say you never forget your first tumbleweed, and I shan't. I shall keep it forever. Er, or until it falls apart. Or until I get bored.


But for now: squeeeeee!


Turk Turon said...

That is one beautiful tumbleweed.

I wish I had a tumbleweed like that.

breda said...

My first tumbleweed sighting was at Blogorado. A bunch of us were standing on the main street, chatting outside the pharmacy and one rolled up and stopped at our feet. I looked down and said to Farmgirl - "Is that what I think it is?"

NotClauswitz said...

Tumbleweeds are nasty sharp thorny things that require careful handling, but that's a baby and not quite as mean and vicious.

Don said...

I lost my fascination for tumbleweeds the first time I ran over a big one that was drifting across the interstate. Imagine driving into a hedge at high speed and you kinda get the idea. At that point they went from a cool aspect of desert life to a dangerous hazard to be avoided.

Yours looks pretty harmless, though. It hasn't learned how to hunt cars yet.

Jeffro said...

You just need the wind to blow good and strong from the north for a few days so we can send you all the tumbleweeds you can stand.


Old NFO said...

You're gonna be sorry when it multiplies... :-)

JPG said...

Hey, Sis - -

I hate to tell you, but you can adopt a lil' tumbler, and put it up in its own little wire pen. You can nurture it and visit it and even pet it if you wish.(OUCH) It is NOT going to grow up to be big and strong and purty.

Now, you MIGHT be able to use it for bait . . . .

Vinogirl said...

Love it :)