Friday, January 15, 2010

Oprah holidays in Haiti

Apparently Oprah Winfrey has dragged her big ball of dung down to Haiti-- as if they didn't have a big enough mess there already. I wonder, can there be any luxury accommodations left for her, or is she staying offshore in a luxury yacht? Apparently she was a colossal pain in the arse when she showed up in Amarillo for the whole beef trial thingie. I can't imagine she's suddenly self-effacing and genuine with those people down there. Sean Penn boating through New Orleans comes to mind.

Gosh. Can anyone have a proper disaster without celebrities along? Apparently not. Why don't they do the decent thing and just send money? Can't miss a photo op, I suppose.


Coming soon - Tales of Chuy the locksmith. Apparently, the boy is sporting a pair of thumbs which he cleverly keeps concealed while humans are looking. Scamp.

Oh, and Praline's a mean drunk.


Rabbit said...

If she's on the yacht, make sure Penn kept clear of he bilge plug.

I figure we'll be seeing all those water bottles we're shipping to Haiti recycled into rafts heading to Miami within the month.

Our little anarchy-archies should pay attention to how the Professionals are working that angle around the food distro sites before they start calling for 'rising up against the MAN'. Cane cutters and machetes are only useful if you have the fortitude to swing them.


Roscoe said...

Didn't the beef trial gave us "Dr." Phil? He was her jury consultant for that fiasco IIRC.

Jon said...

I dunno. It was a moment of laughter when Geraldo had his film crew interview him in a ditch after Rita. There was no flooding at his location and the photo op was looking a little puny.

Maybe we can give Sean Penn a shotgun and let him go restore order. I'd pay to see that fiasco.

Dogs have a retractable thumbs. It's a little known scientific fact, but true.

Do they have doggie AA?

My name is Praline....Hi Praline....woof.

Old NFO said...

She's dropping in the ratings, so needs MORE face time... and Reduce the footprint, I think NOT...

NotClauswitz said...

Pig on a yacht? Launch torpedoes!

Anonymous said...

She was a bit of a pain, BUT she rented the local little theater to use for taping her shows and it helped them pay off all their debts and put funds away for future needs. She also gave us local pilots a new plane to slobber over and speculate about when her jet was parked at the "big airport." So her time in Amarillo wasn't a total mess for the locals.

TOTWTYTR said...

"Disaster Tourism" is the in thing, don't you know? Look at all the other bigwigs flying into Haiti. Each one that flies in (or out) means that relief flights in have to be held up as well as evacuation flights of the injured out.

It's all about the photo ops and appearing to help while actually impeding recovery efforts.

Swoop in, grab an unfortunate victim for a photo op, make a grand exit.

Only professional phonies can pull it off.