Friday, January 29, 2010


My boss came up to me Thursday afternoon and told me to finish the call I was on and to go home, that she'd heard the roads out where I live were getting treacherous. I stopped by the store and got the makings of a bomb-shelter supply of Frito pies, bottled water and biccies for tea and hightailed it for the barn. Got home, hauled the loot into the house and came right back out to snap a photo of the trees out front. Honestly, everything seems encased in crystal, especially the trees. A block from my house is a pine tree where every needle looks meticulously dipped in glass. It's all kind of enchanted. When the wind blows, the bending boughs crackle and groan. I don't know how long all this will last, but it sure is purty. No doubt I'll be staying home from work today. Since I can't work, I'm taking time to round up dust buffaloes and attacking a close encounters pile of laundry. Good thinking of me to leave myself something to do whilst snowed in, eh?



Tombstone Charlie said...

Yes, it's a beautiful crystalline world. Go out and listen to its music. (don't slip)

Jon said...

Ice storms are beautiful, but in my neck of Texas, our last one left us without electricity for days. Cold and dark nights were accentuated by cold and dismal days of cutting broken branches and repairing the damage of fallen tree limbs.