Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nice Knockers and Other Desireables

Seriously! Look at this door knocker: Want one.

Whether you're updating the family manse, doing a full restoration or just looking for a few elegant details to put a bit of a flourish on your homestead, VanDyke's site is chock-full of hardware and home appointments period-correct in both style and construction.

I'm slobbering over these cabinet pulls and these.

*le sigh*

Anyway, if you're working around your place at all, mosey on over to VanDykes site and have a look around. Also be sure to scour their discount den -- phenomenal bargains to be had there. Good stuff. Srsly!

I'm loving the old-world iron hardware. And oh, to have such a door or fence worthy of such hardware!

h/t to Lin at If The Creek Don't Rise who knows from fine restoration


Old NFO said...

Pretty, but pure Hell to keep clean :-)

BobG said...

You mean you don't want one of these?

Alan said...

What great knockers!

(it never gets old.)

George said...

(Young Fronkonshteen)

Mrs. Widget said...

I still want one of these