Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Silly Dinosaur!

Leaving town late Friday meant we stopped overnight in Amarillo, which was fine with me. I love Amarillo. We managed to get a few snaps of Stanley Marsh 3's kooky signs around town- always a treat. We'll have to go see the Ramses Legs on highway 27 next time.

Give it up, Dino.
LawDog will give you indigestion. Then he'll cut and shoot his way out of your belly. Srsly. [yes, I know this stripe of dino was herbivorous. Don't spoil my fun.]

On the way up to Blogorado from Amarillo, we stopped at the Cimarron Heritage Museum in Boise City, Oklahoma, having been drawn by this lovely actual-size critter.. We were in a bit of a hurry, but we've made a mental note to stop back through - they've got lots of great stuff to look at there- lots of ephemera from the pioneer days.
Fun stuff.
More to come.


FarmGirl said...

Were the dinosaur crossing signs in place this weekend? I have no idea how much money they spend on those things but they have to buy them in bulk... they're always getting stolen.

I always enjoy seeing the weird signs around Amarillo, and the concept is spreading. I've seen a couple along the same lines in Denver, and a few in Pueblo.

Glad you guys made it home safe and sound and still smiling!

You're welcome at our place any time... and be sure and remind LawDog that Pheasant season starts next week.... (after they changed it on me so that I couldn't host the pheasant hunt I had started this whole thing out for... grrr.)
This time I'll remember to show him where the tea is before breakfast the last day...

Anonymous said...

Ten years ago, the signs, including installation, cost $1000 each.
My all time faves I think, are the elephant signs.
Elsewhere PhD