Friday, November 13, 2009

Barn-Dishing with the Farm Family

...and brandishing as well. *pow!* *pow!*

I'm not insinuating myself into the glory that was Blogorado-- this really happened.

I had a gun blogger party at my apartment in Dallas on January 31, and a lot of fabulous folks came. Peter asked me if I would mind having FarmGirl along to the party. Of course, I joined in the invitation and FarmGirl was a delightful addition to the party. By the end, FG was saying "do you think anyone would come if I had a blogger party?"


I have to say FarmFamily really pulled out all the stops for us. Blogorado was a fantastic gathering and folks came from all over the country, so there was no question of the willingness of folks to show up to that relatively remote locale.

This whole post is by way of saying an enormous thank you to FarmGirl for planning this event, and to the whole FarmFamily for making it such a warm, memorable occasion.

FarmDad and aepilotJim and Old NFO set up the firing range. FarmDad is this incredibly resourceful fellow who has no end of talent. He made some toe-curlingly delectable salsa (I'll be going to Colorado for more one day soon) and he apparently can replace radiators and I've seen him operating heavy equipment. He is probably too self-effacing to say so, but I'd count him among the precious handful of true Renaissance men I've known in my life. Good man, he.

FarmMom is absolutely golden. There is a lovely golden light about her and I can think of many fine things to say, but among those is my highest praise of just about any person: she makes gravy that'd make you want to slap yer grandma. Actually, I wouldn't slap my grandma because my grandma made gravy just like that. I'm just saying that I believe gravy such as FarmMom's could bring about peace in our time. Her gravy is a work of art. I'm saying FarmMom needs to do a gravy blog. I'm completely objective about this: I know from good gravy. That was good gravy.

Wait. I'm slobbering. Back on track.

Anyway, FarmFamily is comprised of the kindest and best of folks, and I'm honored to have enjoyed their hospitality, and I hope to again, soon, and to return the compliment. I'm deeply grateful to be counted among your distinguished guests, and I thank you for your hospitality.

Cheers, m'dears!


Farmmom said...

Bless your heart honey! It was amazing to have everyone and we are already looking forward to next year! That being said you and Lawdog are welcome anytime!
I do hope you know that blogorado is all your fault. Farm Girl had such an amazing time at your meet. That is what gave her the idea in the first place.
When you and Lawdog come for a visit I'll let you pick the menu. I just love cooking for everyone!
Take care and come see us as soon as you can!

phlegmfatale said...

We're gonna take you up on that, FarmMom!

Old NFO said...

100% agreed Phlegmmy!!!!

Holly said...

I am SOOOOOO going to Blogorado next year!

Crucis said...

"she makes gravy that'd make you want to slap yer grandma."

I would never try that with my Gramma. First, she'd slap back---usually with something in her hand for emphasis. Second, if someone else tried that, they'd be looking down the barrel of Gramma's .38. She always carried a pistol all her adult life right up to the day she died.