Thursday, November 12, 2009

Opportunity missed...

If we'd known, Ambulance Driver could have made some very nice redneck art with his buck butt Sunday night.

Deer Butt Alien Head art is just good clean fun for the whole family. You can get helpful how-tos over here at The Discriminating Explorer.

Driving away from the range at Blogorado, a large buck played havoc with Ambulance Driver's radiator. Since the state wouldn't let him keep the very front end, he might at least have come home with a very inviting door bell holster rendered from the opposite pole.

I rilly want one of these!

My favorite deer carcass crafting tip from the website: Make sure to tie-off the hiney hole.


Speaking of proper disposition of a carcass - I have a brilliant photo of a Sawz-all in action, but it's mebbe too grisly for public display. I wonder if Sarah Brady has a problem with Sawz-alls? A mighty handy tool, imho. Ya gotta love hanging out with well -equipped people.


Speaking of charms, this little beaut which belongs to Old NFO was utterly slobber-worthy, don't you agree? Love those grips.

*le sigh*

The big winners for me this weekend were the Colt's Python. I shot one belonging to Old NFO (he has the coolest stuff!) and learned I was right to be so smitten with those things. A Python will remain at the very top of my list of must-haves. Then there was FarmMom's Taurus Judge. I shot the .45 and the .410 shotgun shells from it. FarmMom assures me there's no more satisfying or immediate way of dispatching slithering things. Blasting away at a waterbottle, I was in paroxysms of giddiness seeing a pizza-sized bounce of rocks, soil and pebbles - pretty spectacular.
There's more still to tell, not the least of which will be a post soon in which I'll wax euphoric over FarmMom's cooking (blog, FarmMom, blog!) and of FarmGirl and FarmDad and the whole FarmFamily's gracious hospitality and pure-dee party magic. Will try to do that tomorrow.


Farmmom said...

You are such a sweety!! Flattery will get you everywhere! Thank you both so much for coming. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

That deer butt doorbell may not be art, but it DOES look like fun. And it would probably discourage most salesmen & Jehovah's Witnesses.

B Woodman

George said...

Glad you had a good trip! When one operates the doorbell, does it make deer noise?
Excellent stocks on the revolver. My ex-girlfriend would love them, but she doesn't like revolvers. (I knew the relationship was doomed at that point.)

Zdogk9 said...

I told you a Python would look good on you. The door bell looks just like what I need.

Old NFO said...

I'm glad I could make you smile :-)

Anonymous said...

It's no doubt just me, but the animal butt doorbell is so far beyond the bounds of any sort of good taste that it crinkles my gut.
This is funny?
Elsewhere PhD.