Thursday, November 05, 2009

Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery

Since Zozza closed in Dallas, Facèré is my favorite jewelry store in the US. I've been there one time when visiting friends in Seattle.

I'm loving the gold and blackened steel jewelry by this artist, Peg Fetter--particularly the simple steel rings with the gold wrap.
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I'm thrilled by the trophy giraffe brooch here, for some reason. This may mean I'm unwell in some way. Cute!

I'm thinking I may need to reward myself sometime in the future... note to self.

Great stuff...


Anonymous said...

I saw enough machinery as a student in Architecture. Apart from the Damascene-like pieces, I believe I could probably find just as good and a lot cheaper at the local garbage dump.
Elsewhere PhD

Zelda said...

I like them. Also, I emailed you at your hotmail address on a somewhat related topic.