Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dueling moonbats.

Move over, Earth First. You've got some heavy competition in the looney stakes from the sensitive souls at Friends of the Moon. Apparently they had a bit under the moon over a NASA vehicle crashing into our most famous satellite, recently.

Considering how's we never see what's on the dark side of the moon, and seeing as how we're running out of storage bins for our crap, I think we're missing out on a real landfill opportunity up there.

In more fun news, tonight I'll mosey on over to see Imogen Heap at the Granada Theater in Dallas. YAYS!!!

I know. What was I thinking? I'm not a kid anymore. Drive 3 hours each way and no booze when I get there. Insanity.

S'gonna be fun, though, hanging out with sis and niece. Can't wait, actually.


Jon said...

Hmmm. I'm sure the additional mass will raise the tides by .00000000000000000000001 meter.

We're doomed!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh!! If it was up to these enviro-idiots, we'd still be wearing only a few animal skins, eating raw meat, living in caves. Maybe. If we even survived as a species.

B Woodman

Roscoe said...

I'm jealous. Though, I turned down a job offer in Austin at the beginning of October.

Money issues. I like to be paid for what I do. Imagine!

Don said...

We'll distract the moonbats while you escape to the show. Have a great time!