Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tex Edwards and the Swingin' Cornflake Killers

I just got home from seeing Tex & Co perform at the Barley House over on Yale. That venue was The Green Elephant for a long time, but I'd never been there before. You know you're too old for the room when you sit there worrying that your chariot might be towed. Call me a dullard.

Tex did the usual complement of murder/death row/psycho songs, as well as the timeless "Lee Harvey was a friend of mine." All around excellent musicianship, I especially enjoyed the lead guitar and the steel guitar. High point for me, musically, was their marvelous rendition of the Floyd Cramer classic "Last Date." Good stuff. Throw in a little Conway Twitty as well as a trucking song of yore, and you've got the makings of a toe-tapping, thigh-slapping good time.

I wore the Betty Boop platforms (so comfy, for 6"!) and demurely sipped a cranberry juice, ensuring a topple-free evening. The bar didn't charge for my booze-free drinks, so I used $20 to buy a couple cds from Tex himself. He said he recognized me and I said I used to see him play at Naomi's, and that was 16 or so years ago-- a lifetime. Funny, because I don't even recognize myself. Anyway, was a nice way to spend a Saturday evening in Dallas.


Roscoe said...

Have you ever seen these guys live?

I envy the people who live in your part of the country since the live music scene is much more interesting than where I live.

T. Tex Edwards said...


Just ran across your blog...
Thanks for attending & your kind words...

T Tex Edwards

phlegmfatale said...

Roscoe - haven't seen them, but will check them out.

t.tex - I'm squeeing! I'm thrilled you stopped by. It's so good to see you out making music. Hope to hear you play again soon, and now it's nice to have your cds on the road with me. Take care!