Monday, April 20, 2009


A week from Sunday I will have spent an entire day and night in my new place. I'm moving from a swank, hepcat pad in the shadows of skyscrapers and drawn from stuff of bachelorette heaven to a small house in a rugged landscape and I couldn't be happier at the prospect. I know just what I'm going to plant around the base of the house and where. I have new friends, dear ones in my new town. I've spent some time there by now, but the first time I visited, it felt like home. No expressway noise. No arena traffic. No more... well, I could go on all day, couldn't I? Suffice to say this little town, Elsewhere, is wonderful in ways to which Dallas could never aspire.

I admit I'm anxious, but I'm excited beyond measure.

Before high school, my folks moved us from Arkansas to a Dallas suburb. I now have a new appreciation for the boldness that took on my parents' part to change everything and make a go of shifting us all to this strange state. [I'm so glad they did.] During my adult life I've moved distances of 30 or 40 miles within the Dallas area, but I've never picked up and moved 4 or 5 times that many, so this is a big deal for me. This will be a very big adventure, and though I expect it will have its challenges, I know it's going to be the very best thing I've done for myself in a great long while.

My soon-to-be house is small, but it's plenty big enough for me and the pups, and I can afford it. (no more common walls. YAYS!) There's a nice little room at the back which will be great for my indoor plants and for my studio stuff. I'll probably put in a storm door at the back with a doggie flap for the hellpups. There's a shed at the back which I think will be great for my torch work. There's a garage for LouLou and a storm cellar, since I'm moving to pure-dee tornado country. Note to self: set up renter's insurance.

I'll have a dining room where I'll put the Beetlejuice bookcase, and in my mind it's all arranged. It's going to be fabulous. Did I mention I'm just a leetle bit excited?

I am.

So this post is by way of apology for whatever spazzery litters this space over the course of the next week. There may be 50 posts, or there may be 3. Or aubergine.

I cannot be responsible. Anyhoo. I'm really, rilly happy. Love ya, darlings!

Please get here soon, Saturday?



Joe Allen said...

Congrats! You're going to love living in a house as opposed to an apartment.

I swear, I will live in a box under a bridge before I live in an apartment again.

Good luck with your move!

FarmGirl said...


Please tell me you love the furry little pet peeve as much as I do?

alan said...

Sounds like a bit of heaven Phlegmmy!

rickn8or said...

The advantage of a place like this after any apartment is that you can turn the stereo up and wander about naked if it suits ya.

Good luck with the move, and have fun with it?

Oh, almost forgot. Have you discussed this move with the pups and do they approve?

Jay G said...

My only regret, Phlegmmie, is that I can't help you move...

Here's hoping some burly knight with a strong back steps in to help you out.

Yay Saturday!

Liz said...

Best wishes for a great move!!

I am a bit of an adventure mover myself...small town OH to San Fran in '79, to L.A. in 82, to northwest Montana in 94 - all good. Glad I had the big city experience but my heart is in rural, small town.

All the moves, as you say, had challenges, but they were also the best thing for me every time - have fun, fun, fun!

Christina RN LMT said...

I'm so happy for you, Phlegmmy!

Don't stress out too much, and spazzery is completely acceptable, as is aubergine. Assuming you mean the color, not the actual eggplant. Just sayin'...;)

breda said...

oh, gosh. I'm just delighted and giddy for you.

You're going to be the most fabulous beautiful girl in your new town, I just know it.

Jon said...

I don't know how rural your new digs will be, but never forget the predators that love puppies and other small trusting animals. In my area, which is not far from civilization, the coyotes are a constant source of problems. Added to this are the owls and the mother hawk that's nesting in the neighbors pine tree.

phlegmfatale said...

Joe - Well, life has thrown me some loop-de-loops, but if I have my way, I'll never have common walls with strangers again, although, I must say my current neighbors have been most kind about my barky pups.

FarmGirl- besotted with it!

alan - it sure does! *giddy*

rickn8or - The pups are in accord. It's gonna be so much fun.

Jay G - I appreciate the sentiment. Perhaps one will come to my rescue...

Ann - I admire your chutzpah! Here's to a major change of scenery!

Christina - ah, thanks, honey! Now we've gotta work on getting YOU to Texas so we can practice shooting together! Maybe I meant both?

Breda - Ah, thank you so much, honey. You can vicariously enjoy my adventure without the tremendous burden of stress which comes with. Some moments I think - no big deal, right? And other moments are all ZOMG! WTF?! It's gonna be good, though. Oh, and I've already become warmly acquainted with some very lovely ladies in town, so I don't know about the most beautiful, but I guarantee you that as of Saturday, I'll have a corner on the market of happiest gal in town.

btw - referring to oneself as a "gal" makes one officially OLD. heh.

Jon - Thanks for that advice. THis has been mentioned by seasoned locals to me. Is a 15 or 17 pound dog in danger with raptors? I definitely don't want to lose my wee babbies to some nasty old bird or manky old coyote. And I'd definitely not have them outside untended after dark. Will just have to keep my eyes on the little boogers.

Thud said...

Have sounds perfect.

Old NFO said...

Go enjoy- You deserve it!!! :-)

Jon said...

I really don't know the weight a large owl or hawk can handle, but coyotes are another problem to deal with. They're notorious for luring a male dog into unsafe locations with a female in heat. I had a neighbor that lost a young dog to these tactics. He saved the dog, but the dog didn't survive the injuries.

Best advice: Never assume they're safe, and leave them unattended. If you can't call them at will, have them penned or on a leash when outside.

Buck said...

Yup... moving is ALWAYS an adventure, but this one seems to be more so than most. Good on ya, Phlegmmy. I'm happy for ya!

Tickersoid said...

Good luck! I know it's going to be fine. It always was for me everytime I moved.

As a great American once said, "You have nothing to fear except....squirrels."

Or maybe that was just a dream I had....

HollyB said...

You'll do fine with the move. I suggest you will be the most creative Lady in town. And have the most striking shoes!

Good Luck w/ the odious boss on your final Tuesday meeting.

phlegmfatale said...

Thud - I think it will be!
Old NFO - you're right-- I do.

Jon - point taken. I'll keep an eye on my little dears.

Buck - ah, thanks. I'm so excited.

Tickersoid - Well, Praline'd LURVE to get her maw on a squirrel. It was a good dream. I know it's going to be fine. :)

HollyB - I just survived that meeting, but there's going to be an extra one on Thursday. Well, it's all wrapping up nicely, though. Sweet.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How exciting! I know that you and the pups will be happy as clams. Although I could never figure out what makes clams particularly happy.

TOTWTYTR said...

Congratulations on the move. Sounds like a much better place than the one you are in now. I'm sure the pups will like it much more than the apartment.

Vinogirl said...

Good move! Good luck! Sounds like a fab place for two cute poochies :)