Monday, April 27, 2009

I have the incomparable felicty...

of being a houseguest these three days in the home of the dazzlingly talented (truly indimidating, he!) Tolewyn and his pretty Mrs. and their three delightful children.

Saturday I was stressed-out, in a way, but something in me just felt everything would work out alright. Mr. & Mrs. Tolewyn took me in, and I feel so much better, and their kindness and hospitality only served to reinforce my feeling that things were going to work out incredibly well.

I can't talk longer tonight- I'm SO sleepy. Extended family of friends have come up with brilliant solutions to my problem. My first night here (Saturday night) was exhausting and that night I slept 6 hours. That extra 3 hours made all the difference. Here's to waking up to yet another brand new day on Monday.


HollyB said...

Aren't generous friend the BEST?
Here's hoping your housing dilemma is solved soon.

Anonymous said...

As long as you keep the blog going, the physical distance won't matter. Sorry to hear about the immovable tenants.
You'll enjoy small town life... for a while. It only takes a few months before everyone, and I do mean everyone, will all be up in yo' bidness. Yenta's abound and nosy bigots who fear "eccentrics" will natter to the naybobs, but you'll charm them, I'm sure.

Love you and wishing you the best (really & truly).

-Verbose Liberal Atheist.

Robert Langham said...

They are lucky to have such a charming houseguest. I expect in a couple of days they will hate to give you and the dogs back!

Rabbit said...

So, have you lawyered up about the house yet?