Friday, April 13, 2007

You know what's funny? You know how our bones grow with us? Isn't it funny that our teeth arrive in our mouths fully-formed to their ultimate size? I mean, I know they must grow from mere budlings down in the jaw, but, isn't it interesting that these bones are different from other bones which grow with us as we age? Lots of rodents have teeth that grow and grow, and I suppose horses do, too. Anyway, at least we don't have to run out and chew down trees and build dams to keep the dental growth under control.

I have messed myself up royally. I thought I'd have until mid-week next week to produce stuff for the upcoming art show thing, but it seems like the jewelry I take to them tomorrow will be the last of what will be on display of mine. Anything else I deliver to them will be held in reserve until after the show. So I guess, why rush around? I'm kind of disappointed, because I have had a major brainwave ideer for some glass & jewelry, and I was excited to get it out there. I suppose I'll have to make a bunch of it, deliver it late next week, and wear some myself for the show. Then if people ask about it, well, I can say they have some for sale... That's not devious, is it? No, really, I don't want to cause problems - they've been very kind to me and generous in promoting my work. I appreciate that.

Here's a couple pair of earrings I made Thursday night, one with a pair of beads that were in the photo earlier in the week. Holly was going on about purple and green, and believe it or not, I've done some alternating green/purple before, to nice effect. I wanted an irregular look to these beads so they'd look not so symmetrical, more blobby. Then when they were nice squovals, inspiration struck and I rolled the hot bead along the grooved handle of the long tweezers I use for pulling out strands of molten glass. The ones on the right look sort of white, but they are a pale blue Alabastro glass, which is not fully opaque, but not clear - more a milky, luminous glass. You'd be amazed how tiny these earrings are, actually. The tiny blue turquoise bead at the bottom of each earring is between 1 & 2mm. Cute!!!
Happy Friday 13th, Y'all - it's going to be a great day!!!


HollyB said...

I can appreciate the beauty of the pair at the top, the pale blue and turquoise pair.
But I lurves the bottom pair. They, to my personal preferences, are stunning!
And, misplaced comment alert: That Dachshund Boo is abso precious. Is that your Sis's pup? said...

Nice ear kabobs!

Isn't it wonderful how evolution thought about and planned everything out?

phlegmfatale said...

Hols - Thanks, and I was thinking of you when I made the purple and green, so I'll be making you a pair remarkably similar to these - this pair has already been delivered to the gallery. Boo is the dog of a friend - and Boo is a brilliant, delightful and incredibly sweet dog.

mushy - Thanks! Yup, that's what I call intelligent design.

LJ said...

Tourmaline? The shades are like that.
I think I should invite myself to Texas to come learn to make beads from you.
They're lovely, Phlegmy.

FHB said...

Purdy. You're an artsy fatrsy, fer sure. And that wouldn't be too devious. Just good selling.

Maven said...


Attila the Mom said...

I love the purples and greens too. My fav!

Meg said...

I never, ever, ever thought of teeth that way. And now, I'm looking at your beautiful earrings and thinking of .... teeth... The bottom ones look like lollies.