Monday, April 16, 2007

My sister got a questionnaire last week in the mail from the John McCain campaign.

She said one of the questions it asked was "do you think we should be sending more troops to the Middle East?"

She crossed out "troops" and wrote in "bombs."

Clever girl. That had me salivating, anticipating receiving one of those mailings, and all the glorious ways she had inspired me to modify the document to more accurately reflect my own opinions. Alas, they have yet to send me one. Pity.


FHB said...

I'm sure there's a whole file on you somewhere, and they don't want to hear it.

Tickersoid said...

Iraq is an ill wind that blew very few people any good.

FHB said...

sunk hole of the world, with great potential, but sadly, not so long as those folks inhabit the place.

FHB said...

tickersold - yep, it blows fer sure.

none said...

Nuke their ass and take their gas!

I had that bumpersticker on my car 20 years ago.