Friday, April 20, 2007

Housekeeping post, chock-full of odds and ends

A Crocodile in Taiwan bit a guy's hand off - click here for proof positive that a croc who has obviously never missed a meal can still take your arm off. GRISLY PHOTO ALERT!


Isn't it ironic that a spoiled, whining, un-clever immature person with the social graces of the Star Wars Kid is at the fore of the news? Our local news' lead story Wednesday night was the broadcast of misfit's juvenile home-movie revenge fantasy-- WHY ON EARTH are they giving that air time??? Call it what you will, but I call it justifying the vanity of a deluded person, and something which will speak volumes to other unbalanced people who navel-gaze and [NEWSFLASH!:] feel the world just isn't fair. I had to turn it off after about 15 seconds - POINTLESS.


"A gun-free zone is a murderer's paradise."
The Motor City Madman on a Dallas radio show on 4/18/2007


Some people scoff at the bottled water thingie. I don't - I drink S. Pellegrino sparkling water from Italy all the time - ideally at least 2 25.3 oz bottles a day. It tastes wonderful, and I love the bubbles.


Vaya con queso, Sanjaya.


I'm meeting a realtor on Tuesday to discuss my brilliant career.


Speaking of... My Brilliant Career endures as one of my favorite films. Well, anything with Judy Davis, pretty much. She is amazing. Loved Impromptu, though she and the other artists in the film are such essentially vile and mean people.

Have a great Friday!


HollyB said...

Gun free zone, reminds me of some other of my favorites pro gun sayings:
"Politicians LOVE Unarmed Peasants"
"An Armed Person is a Citizen. An Unarmed Person is a Subject" .

And "Vaya con queso"...had me lol, and reminds me of my mixed culture expression:"Oy!My gatos!"

Dick said...

Well have yourself a great weekend young lady!

FHB said...

Ya know that had ta HOIT! Not bitten off nicely. Ripped off in a death roll. NICE!

Yep, I think we do nothing but encourage other nuts by making this guy the center of all media. But what can you do. Covering it at all will have the same effect. Nuts are gonna be encouraged. Interesting how similar his video was to the standard suicide bomber video from Iraq. Looks like people are learning. The nuts are multiplying like rats.

Ted's a nut, but also a genius, and right on the money here.

I reuse old bottles and fill them with tap water. Like the way mine tastes. Not picky.

Ya ne gavaryu paespanski.

Oooh, good luck with that. A chance to get away from the ticks and spectral crappers.

Haven't seen it. DYING to see Pathfinder, just because it's rated R for violence. Makes it a must see.

Back at ya, enjoy.