Monday, May 15, 2006

We had a great Mother's Day Sunday. I went to church with family and brought my mom, sister, niece and nephew home with me and we gamboled about the back yard, most particularly in the pool. This weekend I had a total brainwave and bought a sandbox for the 3 year old nephew, never knowing the niece would be crazy about it too. Here's a tip for aunts/uncles - sandboxes keep them busy for hours. I also picked up a bag of creepy-crawly plastic reptiles and sandcastle implements. They had a blast, and I think mom enjoyed time in the pool with the grandkids. It was a lovely day.

Someone my mom works with goes to a church that doesn't celebrate any holidays, even birthdays. Eschewing all holidays seems very strange. In addition to missing out on the important ritual of remembrance that a holiday affords, it also seems quite dull. In two weeks the USA will celebrate Memorial Day, in which we'll honor the men and women who have served in our military, particularly in armed conflicts and especially those who died serving our country. I wonder what kind of religion tells people it is sinful to take a day every year to say thanks to the people who have given their lives for our country? I'll pass on that one, thank you very much. Besides, I like birthday cake too much not to celebrate...


Tickersoid said...

Religion is an ill wind that doesn't do many, if any, people any good.

Maybe that's just me then.

LJ said...

I believe I know of that one. I have a friend who left home at 15 due to the sheer misery of it. What confounds me is the kind of artificial BS people can cook up and read into the texts of almost any religion, how it can be bent and twisted to make their lives more miserable (and thus, presumably, more holy.)
The fault lies in the way people practice more often than the basic religion, I suspect.
Me, I think I'd like to be Dervish. Whirling myself into ecstasy. No women Dervishes? Darn. Stupid patriarchy.

I like to think we can pick any holiday we deem worthy and celebrate it - and ignore any we feel don't apply. I, myself, am a big supporter of birthday celebration.

Oh. I'm blathering on again, aren't I?
Yes. I am.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lovely family day. I am "aunt" to many friends' children, I will have to consider that. We had a sandbox as children and loved it..also a turtle pool...years of fun..

Fewclewz said...

Religion, of any description is the most dangerous activity on the planet.
Most have men who dress up as women and fuck small boys.
How can any priest ever tell ANY married person how to live their lives???
And I distinctly remember the Vicar at my local church who stated that the congregation MUST donate 10% of their GROSS salary to the church every fucking week!
How come the Vatican NEVER shells out for the new roof on their premises???
It's the greatest fuckin con on earth!
AND....if dying a Martyr by blowing yourself and as many infidels as possible to Kingdon Fucking Come is so fucking marvelous, why the fuck is it that none of the older fuckers are doing it??? Don't they want to live in eternity with 70 virgins??
Then again what the fuck is so good about living in eterntiy with 70 fucking virgins?? Which in itself is an oxymoron innit?? Does a fucking virgin actually fuck??
S'cuse me French!

Tickersoid said...

Bit of a rant there from Fewclewz. Must be a pet subject.

nongirlfriend said...

I'm all for religions that tell us to celebrate ANYTHING. I cannot understand refraining from celebration. It's what gets me through April and June, and August and October. Just waiting for the months where we have something to celebrate.

I want a sandbox now. Miss mine from being a kid.

phlegmfatale said...

tickersoid - HEY! You were first! Unfortunately, religion has been very mis-used in many cases.

lj - aw, blather on - I love when you do that!

fewclewz - I can certainly understand the vehemence of your reaction.

tickersoid - I suspect they've had a personal experience which left them feeling burned. Sad.

nongirlfriend - Yes, celebrate! Well, October being my birth month, we should all be celebrating that!

Maven said...

I know that Jehova's Witnesses do not celebrate holidays or birthdays. And I know that some Quakers decide for themselves if they celebrate holidays or not. The justification is that every day is the day the Lord has made, and every day is special.

Just give me cake!

phlegmfatale said...

nuggetmaven - oh, I guess that makes sense taken in that way, but it's still drab and dull. Yes, cake! Cake all around!