Friday, March 28, 2014

Whelmed some kind of way

I had 4 major assignments due in a 48 hour period, one which is a final for one segment of one course- if I don't pass that, I have to take the entire course again.

Foolishly, I agreed some time ago to have this week as my turn to lead a group project for Research.  Ugh.

I was up working on school until midnight last night, and woke up and hit it again.  I'll probably be up until Midnight again, but soon I'll have the 3rd of the 4 things submitted.  The remainder of the 4th thing will be just to submit the final work for the group project.  I'm so tired.  I hope I pass all of this.


drjim said...

Just keep grinding away at it, young lady.

You have the will and persistence to do this, and you're making amazing progress.

Gary Griffin said...

My understanding is you are in nursing school. I graduated in 1984. There have been a couple of times I have regretted my decision. But, there have been at least a hundred times I have been happy (as have my patients and their families) that I stuck out. This can be very rewarding and it is costly on a personal basis. Overall, I would gladly pay the price again. Gary