Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A kid on Christmas morning

Today is my last day of classes until the 24th. I have a lot of studying to do over the holiday, but otherwise I'm fwee! Wheeeee! Not quite 4am and I almost wonder if I'll be able to sleep any more before time to get up. 

Loulou's problem turned out to be the starter, and that was fixed yesterday, so I'm mobile again. 

Monday brought our usual 4 glorious hours of Spring, and then it got hot. Yesterday was about 90. There's something cruel about having 9 degrees temp on one day and the having it 90 a week later. All the same, I hold out the naive hope for a mild summer, and some rain would help. We are in drought status, and lawn and garden watering is not allowed, plus water bill has increased by about a third starting last fall, although I'm using less than ever. *crab*

Late Tuesday a bear of a dust storm blew in, and stuff has been rattling and thrashing on the porch like mad. I sleep with a white noise app on, so it's not keeping me up, but the temp has dropped pretty dramatically.

I'm hoping for a strong finish to the semester, but I've so much to learn. 

I'm off to snuggle some puppies, now. 

6:20 update.
Aaaaaand it's 39 degrees now. 


Old NFO said...

IS Texas, wait 5 minutes and the weather'll change again... :-)

Jennifer said...

The wind was impressive last night. Sounded like it was trying to lift the roof off the house.
And yeah, 37 whole degrees now

drjim said...

Good to hear the car is going to be OK!